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Here I have gathered some wonderful products and services :-)

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Fragrance perfume necklace - lava stone
Necklace with fragrance
- filled with energy!
Aroma Therapy necklace
Aroma therapy and a little bit more...
A necklace filled with energy!
Fragrance necklace - glass pendant
Necklace with fragrance
- filled with energy!
Fragrance necklace - crystal sun charm
Necklace with fragrance
- filled with energy!
Footsalt - raindrop
Lovely foot bath!

Have been interested in herbs and medicinal plants all my life.
The last couple of years I have been studying this a little bit further.
Just at this moment, I am attending a very fun and interesting distance course in Herbology with Helena Sandström.

In my everyday life I use both fresh and dried herbs but also therapeutic essential oils. Just these specific oils I came in contact with a couple of years ago, my good friend Helene Wiklund in Falun introduced me in to this wonderful world of oils and I will definately stay there.

Every month, I replace one or a few products in my home to something more natural and environmentally friendly. In that way, it does not have to be expensive or difficult.

l welcome you also to slowly but surely change your and your family's lifestyle for the better! Towards a cleaner world and a better health!

You can read more about this on my blog about herbs, oils, courses, make-and-take evenings, spirituality and other things...

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